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For King and Homeland

Teaser 2 [st en]

by Radoš Bajić

For King and Homeland

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For King and Homeland tells a story of an old Serbian soldier Milisav Janjic, ex corporal, who fought against Germans in the World War II as a member of the movement of Chetniks, beside the general Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic. Combining masterly Milisav’s memories and reminiscences of the past and war, with present moments, the author narrates about German attack, April War and breakdown of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, about the tragedy that hit Serbian people, loss of freedom, beginning of Serbian movements of liberation and one Serbian soldier who returns to his fatherland after 70 years of emigration in USA. The film brings a very powerful antiwar, human massage. It is dedicated to all the patriots and compatriots, who fought for their fatherland in 1941, paying tribute to the best liberal traditions and aspirations of Serbian people during the World War II.

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