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Die Krone von Arkus

Trailer [st en]

by Franziska Pohlmann

mp4 (1920x1080) 02:16

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Fear and terror dictate the everyday life of Arkus. Schiija, the evil queen of the city, fossilizes the residents into stone whenever she wants to demonstrate her dark power. Once a year she forces all inhabitants of Arkus to donate gifts to their queen at the gifts day. One week before this event Saraja, a homeless girl, finds an astonishing message. The letter are as follows: "Be here at midnight." At exactly twelve o'clock that day she comes back as the arcane message told her. Jono, the leader of the thieves with magical hands, is already waiting for her. Shortly before she was listening to his narration of the legend of the young boy Morius with the other members of the thieves with magical hands. Many years ago Morius has stolen a stone of Schiijas crown whereupon she turned him into stone. From this time on he is standing there as a fixed sculpture - no opportunity to talk or even talk. But the secret behind this evilness is, that he's still alive in his lithic prison. Schiija threatens him to transform the whole city of Arkus into a absolutely clean and diamond city. Only his release could prohibit this plan. Saraja and Jono both want to help Morius, but Saraja is absolutely not interested in working together with Jono. 

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