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Peter Woditsch • Director


In God's Hand is an investigation of the profoundly spiritual. An investigation without any dogmatic colouring that does not bend for any hierarchy or rule

In the quest to find hidden artistic gems, discarded due to their questionable character, Peter Woditsch, while scouting locations for his earlier film, Musées secrets, had some odd encounters for his film In God's Hand [+see also:
interview: Peter Woditsch
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. He found more than just objects that the church wanted to hide. Besides cabinets overflowing with penises taken from Renaissance sculptures, their manhood removed due to religious protocol, Peter also found Catholic priests who had been thrown out of Christ's family, excommunicated. What could they have done to incur the wrath of the Vatican? Paedophilia? Rape? Murder?

"I didn't want to take a free swing at religion, but I didn't want to make a film pandering to Catholic audiences, either. Yesterday, for example, I ran into a neighbour who I've known for fifteen or so years, and who is a total atheist. He came to see the film's pre-release screening at Flagey. Normally we just exchange small talk, and that's it. But this time he told me how much the film moved him, he just couldn't stop thinking about it or discussing it with his wife, she’s also a staunch atheist."

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