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A Soft Scent of Cinnamon

Trailer [es st en]

by Giovanna Ribes

mp4 (640x360) 01:50

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Valia is a young woman used to observe the others as part of her work and so, reality for her is becoming a canvas where characters live out a kind of life. She records the same shot with a small video camera: the street in front of her apartment where there is a restaurant. Some days later, she meets Guido, the owner of the Italian restaurant. Guido is her antithesis, perfectly adapted to daily life and conscious of his own social dimension. Valia, on the other hand, lives in this two-dimensional world, separated from what is actually happening and what she observes. Valia’s life changes when she discovers a small lump on her breast and she is diagnosed she is suffering from a breast cancer. With Guido, Valia recovers her otherness while facing her end.

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