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Paco de Lucía: la búsqueda

Trailer [es,en st fr]

by Francisco Sánchez Varela

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In June 2012, Paco de Lucía set out on an 11-day tour of Europe. What began as a follow-up of his routines as an artist evolved to become an introspective journey through his past, his memory, the keys to his revolution of flamenco music. The comings and goings in a symbolic day in his tour, from daybreak until Paco and his musicians finish their concert, provide the backbone to the history of one of the 20th century's most important musicians. This is not only a physical record of a tour by Paco de Lucía, but a voyage to his soul: to his memories, to the things that torment him, interest him or make him laugh openly. By means of flashbacks and with himself as the sole narrator, Paco de Lucía takes a chronological look at his life from childhood until his last days in Mallorca, where he completed the final arrangements for his posthumous CD.

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