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Nessuno mi troverà – Majorana Memorandum

by Egidio Eronico

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On 26 March 1938, Ettore Majorana, perhaps the greatest theoretical physicist of the 20th century, disappeared without a trace or explanation at the tender age of 31, with his becoming perhaps the most-well disappearance in contemporary Italian history. His disappearance, 80 years on, is still throwing up questions, doubt and stimulating research; whilst his scientific work is today even more relevant than when it was published, and some of his theories could soon be sensationally confirmed. The day after he disappeared, a jumble of theories and conjectures started to surface. Did he commit suicide? Was he kidnapped by foreign powers? Did he retreat to a monastery? The Majorana affaire seemingly involves atomic scientists, secret services, politicians and soldiers. Through documentation, archive footage, graphic novel animations, accounts, documentary-style footage and investigative theories, the film plumbs the depths of the sea of mystery surrounding Ettore Majorana.

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