Custody (2017)
The Distances (2018)
Lemonade (2018)
Sunday's Illness (2018)
A Paris Education (2018)
Transit (2018)
Foxtrot (2017)
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Trailer [en]

by Douglas Ray

mp4 (1280x550) 01:30

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A fortysomething ex-lead singer of a once-moderately-famous British indie band has just had his solo album rejected and parted ways with his manager. And, to make matters worse, his wife is cheating on him. With a woman. So he embarks upon an ill-conceived plan to teach his wife a lesson and maybe win her back. It involves kidnaping both her and her lover and making them swallow what he claims is rat poison – as well as swallowing some himself. He says he's brought an antidote, but only enough for two people, and he wants the group to decide who lives. But he hasn’t really poisoned anyone. However, the antidote is poisonous. But when he tries to explain this, not everyone believes him, with tragic consequences for all.

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