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Gangster Ka: African

Trailer [cz]

by Jan Pachl

mp4 (1280x720) 02:16

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A film based on a story by Jaroslav Kmenta, the author of the book Padrino Krejčíř. It tells the story of a Mafioso who got rich by tax fraud of billions of crowns in transactions with petroleum products and who later tried to gain control of the state-owned petroleum concern. The main character is the gangster Radim Kraviec, nicknamed Káčko. He was always capable of violence, but when his father is abducted and killed by a competing mafia, he is changed into a murdering monster. The story is divided into two independent films. The first of these is set in the Czech Republic, the second has the subheading "The African" and it is a continuation of Radim Kraviec's life of crime after his escape from the Czech Republic. The films are a detailed study of the rise and fall of a gangster and they try to decipher the little-known mechanisms for the operation of organised crime.

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