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On the Trail of My Father

by Marco Segato

mp4 (1920x804) 01:29

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1950s. Domenico is a young boy who lives in a village in the heart of the Dolomites mountains. His father, Pietro, is fifty years old but seems older, worn out by loneliness and wine; he works at the quarry owned by Crepaz, a local unscrupulous entrepreneur. The relationship between father and son is harsh and difficult; the long silences turned them into two strangers. Since some time, a bear threatens the quiet of the village. One night, at the pub, Pietro challenges Crepaz: he is going to kill the bear in exchange for money. The next day, at dawn, he sets out towards the forest. Domenico decides to follow him. Father and son plunge into the woods, deeper and deeper. Little by little, they will become closer and the wall, which separated them, will crumble before the immensity of nature.

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