Absence of Closeness (2017)
On Body and Soul (2017)
Giant (2017)
I Am Not a Witch (2017)
Valley of Shadows (2017)
Western (2017)
God's Own Country (2017)
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Bernard Declercq • Director

(In French)

Having started out as a scriptwriter, Bernard Declerq has moved onto directing. Scriptwriter of one documentary, two short films and three feature films, he then directed two short films named Big Samuel et L'Hôtel des Thermes Then in 2007, he filmed his first feature film, Control X, with Thomas François. He is at present working on the adaptation of the novel by Alain MonnierCôté Jardin, which he has named Méprises. The film tells the story of Françoise, a married woman played by Moana Ferré and Jacques, played by Fabrizio Rongione,who is convinced that the former will leave her husband for him. But things are never that simple…

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