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Il profumo del tempo delle favole

by Mauro Caputo

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Trieste, a border town which symbolises the cosmopolitan union, where people of different cultures and nationalities live side by side, people who have kept their traditions alive in places of worship, like the town's nine cemeteries belonging to different religions. It is against this backdrop and in these places that Giorgio Pressburger searches, through the doubt and torment, for signs of his own faith, laying his story bare, deconstructing certainties and false hypocrisies and furrowing into the deepest folds of the human mind. To retrace when exactly faith started to despair, Pressburger investigates childhood fears, the lies of adulthood, the enlightenment of grace. Finally, with the support of travel companions of the likes of Dostoyevsky, Kafka and Kant, his discourse turns into a coherent discussion of evil and suffering.

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