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Trailer [pl]

by Lukasz Barczyk

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"Soyer" is a tragicomedy, whose titular protagonist is a young man called Soyer. His nickname derives from soybeans - the only food he allows himself in his concern for his own well-being and that of other creatures. Soyer is either a crazy person, an ordinary fool, or a modern saint. His family has gotten him some psychiatric care, but he has never considered himself mentally ill. A messiah, if anything. After his mother gets hospitalized, the responsibility to look after him falls on a couple of modern young achievers: his beautiful sister Malgoska and her husband Janek, an ambitious banker. Soyer finds their life to be overly focused on the material world, so he decides to save them - even against their will. His faith is so overwhelming that no method of struggle for Malgoska's and Janek's souls is too extreme for him, and nothing seems able to stop him. "If you save but one man, you save the world entire" says Soyer, as he proceeds to save our world.

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