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Trailer [it]

by Andrea Caccia

mp4 (492x360) 01:09

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Italian teenagers film their everyday lives using cameras and mobile phones, while the film maker wonders how far one can talk about being an author when picture and sound are both in the hands of complete amateurs. Now that virtually everyone under thirty always has a mobile camera with them, democratisation of the image is unstoppable. However it is not yet clear whether this provides more quality, because that always demands talent and craftsmanship. Vedozero is made up of visual material shot with seventy tiny cameras in mobile phones handed out to Italian teenagers. With the inimitable project Video Nation, the BBC did something similar about sixteen years ago by allowing ordinary people using video cameras to maintain video diaries. Vedozero goes a step further and makes it more more massive, lower threshold, cheaper and more volatile. The fragments show the average life of school children in a welfare state. Let the generations themselves fight about whether this is the future of cinema.

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