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Video - Trieste Film Festival 2009

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Nicoletta Romeo, curator of the Greek Cinema section of the Festival

Nicoletta Romeo, curator of the Greek Cinema section of the Festival

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The 20th edition of the Trieste Film Festival dedicates a new section to one of the geographical areas of Europe located between the Balkans and the Mediterranean, between East and South, between a classical past and a multicultural, multi-ethnical present: Greece.
The Festival offers a unique opportunity to discover a Cinema still unknown to the most.
As Nicoletta Romeo explains, it is still difficult to place Greece in the festivals panorama, mostly for historical reasons, that can also be found in its cinematographic history. As homage to Greece, during the Festival 16 films of the past 10 years will be presented: 8 short movies directed by young filmmakers and 8 feature films by directors known on an international level.
The curator also says that Greek Cinema reflects the country’s social and cultural aspects. In fact the filmmakers tend to combine the representation of today’s society, with the use of images and symbols from the traditional mythology.



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