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Film Reviews

Memory Box - by Khalil Joreige, Joana Hadjithomas
Memory Box
by Khalil Joreige, Joana Hadjithomas
BERLINALE 2021: In Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige's sweet but – oh, the irony – hardly memorable film, a girl gets to meet her teenage mother, but without any Marty McFly-like complications
Moon, 66 Questions - by Jacqueline Lentzou
Moon, 66 Questions
by Jacqueline Lentzou
BERLINALE 2021: Greek writer-director Jacqueline Lentzou makes a unique film on a tough subject through a playful approach, benefiting from Oscar-worthy performances by the two leads
We - by Alice Diop
by Alice Diop
BERLINALE 2021: Alice Diop pieces together an ambitious patchwork documentary on Paris’s deprived suburbs, crafting an interlacing which questions humanity, time and modern-day collective identity
Copilot - by Anne Zohra Berrached
by Anne Zohra Berrached
BERLINALE 2021: Anne Zohra Berrached's third feature is an enthralling drama starring Roger Azar and Canan Kir
From Where They Stood - by Christophe Cognet
From Where They Stood
by Christophe Cognet
BERLINALE 2021: Christophe Cognet immerses himself in a meticulous investigation, analysing the very rare clandestine photographs taken by deportees themselves in the death camps
The White Fortress - by Igor Drljača
The White Fortress
by Igor Drljača
BERLINALE 2021: Bosnian filmmaker Igor Drljača's new crime-drama, which turns into a romance, is his most accomplished, touching and thought-provoking film yet
Ninjababy - by Yngvild Sve Flikke
by Yngvild Sve Flikke
BERLINALE 2021: Yngvild Sve Flikke takes pregnancy clichés and beats them to death with a Jo staff
Stop-Zemlia - by Kateryna Gornostai
by Kateryna Gornostai
BERLINALE 2021: This ambitious first feature by Ukrainian filmmaker Kateryna Gornostai immerses the viewer in the teenage world of its characters, played by non-professional youngsters

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