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Anne Feuillère

411 articles available in total starting from 24/01/2005. Last article published on 23/07/2019.

Alexe Poukine • Director of That Which Does Not Kill

Interview: Alexe Poukine • Director of That Which Does Not Kill

"Most of my female friends have told me they’ve had a similar experience"

Cinergie met with director Alexe Poukine to talk about her second feature film, That Which Does Not Kill , unveiled in competition at the Visions du Réel Festival  


Alexandra Kandy Longuet • Director of Vacancy

Interview: Alexandra Kandy Longuet • Director of Vacancy

"A motel is an enclosed space in and of itself"

Cinergie met with director Alexandra Kandy Longuet to talk about her new feature film Vacancy, soon to be released in Belgian cinemas  


Daguerrotype: The portrait of a woman

Daguerrotype: The portrait of a woman

Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s new film, made with an entirely French team, is another ghost story, another variation on his preferred themes  

08/03/2017 | Films | France/Japan/Belgium

Koen Mortier and Eurydice Gysel  • Producers

Interview: Koen Mortier and Eurydice Gysel • Producers

“It has become very difficult for young directors to find a job”

Cinergie speaks to Koen Mortier and Eurydice Gysel about their work as producers and their production companies  


Thomas de Thier  • Director

Interview: Thomas de Thier • Director

“Hand-picked moments of happiness”

With The Taste of Blueberries, Thomas de Thier has made a philosophical fable about an elderly couple who are rediscovering the emotions of their childhood. Cinergie caught up with the director  


Felix van Groeningen • Director

Interview: Felix van Groeningen • Director

“Evoking the feeling of travel”

Cinergie met Félix van Groeningen who deciphered his melodrama The Broken Circle Breakdown 


Sam  Garbarski  • Director

Interview: Sam Garbarski • Director

“A very universal, poetic story”

For his third feature, Sam Garbarski has tackled an adaptation of Jiro Taniguchi’s cult manga A Distant Neighbourhood. At the start of the shoot, Cinergie met with the enthusiastic director  


A Distant Neighbourhood

A Distant Neighbourhood

A 50-year-old man is suddenly transported back to his childhood in post-war France. Based on Jiro Taniguchi’s manga book, Sam Garbarski’s film is a beautiful journey into the past  

16/11/2010 | Films | Reviews

Les barons

Les barons

A debut Belgian feature which happily explodes our preconceptions about the North African community, integration, Brussels and its working-class areas  

22/10/2009 | Films | Reviews

Peter Bouckaert • Producer

Interview: Peter Bouckaert • Producer

"Doing everything ourselves, taking risks and persuading"

MMG Film & TV Production look back at the financing phase and launch strategy for Ben X  


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