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Cristiana Paternò

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45 articles available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last article published on 12/05/2022.

Netflix presents its new Italian headquarters and its upcoming projects

Netflix presents its new Italian headquarters and its upcoming projects

In Rome for the opening of the new office, Reed Hastings announced films, series, documentaries and even a reality TV show which will be produced by the streaming giant’s Italian arm  

12/05 | Production | Funding | Italy/USA

Roberto De Paolis • Director

Interview: Roberto De Paolis • Director

“Losing my virginity”

CANNES 2017: At the age of 37, Rome native Roberto De Paolis has revealed his first film, Pure Hearts, at Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes  


Si può fare not about politics

Claudio Bisio, Anita Caprioli and Giuseppe Battiston are among the main cast of Giulio Manfredonia’s comedy Si può fare (“Yes We Can”). The title has nothing to do with the Italian elections (and...  

15/04/2008 | Production | Italy

Irene Bignardi • Filmitalia's President

Interview: Irene Bignardi • Filmitalia's President

FilmItalia takes documentary abroad


British press lauds The Queen

British press lauds The Queen

The Queen, the new film by Stephen Frears on the dramatic days following the death of Princess Diana, has been received favourably by the British press. According to the BBC, the film has...  

05/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Competition

Gagliardo: The women of Islam are the new challenge

Thanks to RAI Cinema and Istituto Luce, the research that Giovanna Gagliardo began in 2004 – searching through the archives of Istituto Luce for visible traces of the revolution that led women to...  

03/09/2006 | Venice 2006 | Horizons

Italians coming up in 2006

As 2005 starts to show a slight upturn as it comes to an end, with Harry Potter helping to put a bit of bounce in the box office - slightly down on last year but still faring better than other...  

02/12/2005 | Distribution | Italy

A general crisis

A general crisis

Admission figures for the first five months of 2005 are generally appalling. Germany registered –14.4% tickets sold, Spain –13.9%, France -9% and the USA –7.5%. Only Great-Britain is an exception,...  

21/06/2005 | Exhibitors | Italy

Five David for Sorrentino

Five David for Sorrentino

Five statues have been awarded to the metaphysical gangster story by the young Napolitan filmmaker, Le conseguenze dell'amore, and three awards to its perfect actor Toni Servillo  

30/04/2005 | Awards | Italy

Davide Ferrario • Director

Interview: Davide Ferrario • Director

"An exception"

The technological trickery of the cinema to come and the bewitching visions of the first moving images... Dopo mezzanotte Buster Keaton and high definition  


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