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Giovannella Rendi

118 articles available in total starting from 13/02/2003. Last article published on 06/11/2008.

Senator in trouble

Berlin-based Senator Entertainment, one of Germany’s leading producer-distributors is in trouble. Headed by Hanno Huth, the company posted losses of around Euros178m this year, more than double...  

10/07/2003 | Production | Germany

Love and Youth

Love and Youth

Passion, betrayal and suicide are the ingredients of Großglockenliebe, a romantic comedy and Joe Duebell's directorial debut  

09/07/2003 | Releases | Germany

Support for 10 co-productions

At the latest meeting of the European film co-production fund, Eurimages, which took place in Riga, Latvia on 30 June, it was decided that a total of Euros3.78 would be put aside for...  

08/07/2003 | Funding | Germany

Production Awards

Sponsored by the Hypovereinsbank, Bavaria Film and national radio, Bayerische Rundfunk, the Munich Film Festival presented this year’s winners of the production awards on Friday, 4 July. Hans...  

07/07/2003 | Festivals | Germany

Munich rewards tolerance

The 21st edition of the Munich Film Festival consolidated its long-standing reputation for excellence and the variety of its awards and events with the presentation of the Bernhard Wicki – -"Die...  

04/07/2003 | Festivals | Germany

Munich rewards young talent

On the evening of 4 July, the German film industry will celebrate its young talent with the presentation of the 2003 production awards. This year, the awards will also include screenwriters and...  

03/07/2003 | Festivals | Germany

Youth & Music with Quabeck

Youth & Music with Quabeck

Verschwende dein Jugend, a 1980s story of adolescents, starring Tom Schilling and Jessica Schwarz, is released nationwide in Germany tomorrow  

02/07/2003 | Releases | Germany

Hollywood on the Rhine

“Why doesn’t Germany have a proper film academy that would give out the top awards, similar to the one in America?” The question was put to German film directors, producers and critics during a...  

01/07/2003 | Awards | Germany

Schlöndorff’s Complaint

The 65-year-old Teutonic director of acclaimed masterpieces like Germany in Autumn (1978) and the Oscar-winning Tin Drum (1979) is very unhappy with the domestic film industry. He feels that its...  

01/07/2003 | Germany

A filmmaking celebration

The city of Cologne hosted the 13th edition of the prestigious Kamerapreis, a celebration of the often underestimated arts of cinematography and film editing whose artistic director is...  

26/06/2003 | Awards | Germany

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