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Aurore Engelen

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1188 articles available in total starting from 19/03/2008. Last article published on 25/11/2021.

Film shoots galore

With directors making the most of the quiet summer period, film shoots are currently taking place in both French and Flemish-speaking Belgium. We thus see the return of Felix Van Groeningen, the...  

30/07/2008 | Production | Belgium

Increased financial support for francophone screenwriters

Having allocated an additional €1m for the 2009 budget for the Film and Audiovisual Centre in May (i.e. an increase of 7% compared to 2008), the Ministry of Culture and Audiovisual Productions of...  

24/07/2008 | Funding | Belgium

Namur Fest honours Huppert

Namur Fest honours Huppert

It has become a tradition for the Namur International Francophone Film Festival to invite – to the delight of audiences – a star of Francophone film, or rather a Francophone film star. The event...  

23/07/2008 | Festivals | Belgium

Belgium gets animated

Cartoon – the European Association of Animated Film – has just announced the five finalists for the Golden Cartoon Award, which will be presented on September 18 at the Cartoon Forum, set to be...  

18/07/2008 | Animation | Belgium

A writer, a painter, a horseman and 35 filmmakers among this week’s releases

A writer, a painter, a horseman and 35 filmmakers among this week’s releases

A Cannes breeze will blow through Brussels this week. More than a year after its screening on the Croisette, audiences will finally be able to see the ensemble film To Each His Cinema (2007),...  

16/07/2008 | Releases | Belgium

Olivier Bronckart • Producer

Interview: Olivier Bronckart • Producer

“That’s really the magic formula!”

We met with Olivier Bronckart, who produced Lorna’s Silence, which signals a shift in the Dardenne brothers’ œuvre  


Wallimage back four Belgian titles and one UK film

Wallimage – the investment fund for the Walloon film industry – have just announced the results of their 31st committee session. Set to receive funding are a host of Belgian titles and a UK film...  

10/07/2008 | Industry | Belgium

Involuntary awarded in Brussels

Involuntary awarded in Brussels

The Brussels Film Festival came to an end on July 6 after nine days of numerous and wonderful discoveries. With an eclectic programme spotlighting Europe's emerging talent, Belgian audiences got a...  

08/07/2008 | Festivals | Belgium

Suicide and feigned identity in The Friend

Micha Lewinsky’s Swiss title The Friend screened in competition this week at the Brussels European Film Festival. In the film, Emil (Philippe Graber) resembles an old bachelor albeit he is only in...  

03/07/2008 | Festivals | Belgium

Spotlight on German women directors at Brussels

Spotlight on German women directors at Brussels

The Brussels European Film Festival is in full swing in the Belgian capital. Films by German women directors take pride of place in the eclectic selection. Screening in competition is Emily Atef’s...  

03/07/2008 | Festivals | Belgium

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