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Jan Lumholdt

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161 articles available in total starting from 15/03/2018. Last article published on 13/01/2022.

Review: The Bear

Review: The Bear

Johannes Stjärne Nilsson’s short is an exquisite little morality tale about nature, instincts and blueberries  

18/10/2018 | Warsaw 2018

Tuva Novotny  • Director

Interview: Tuva Novotny • Director

"The core of the film is an account of our shortcomings in being able to address mental illness"

SAN SEBASTIÁN 2018: One of Scandinavia's most enduring actresses, Tuva Novotny, branches out into directing with Blind Spot, which we discussed with her  

28/09/2018 | San Sebastián 2018 | Competition

Camilla Strøm Henriksen • Director

Interview: Camilla Strøm Henriksen • Director

“The children give us a strong feeling of hope at the end”

TORONTO 2018: Norway’s Camilla Strøm Henriksen makes a Scandinavian tradition untraditional in her feature debut, Phoenix  

17/09/2018 | Toronto 2018 | Discovery

Giorgio Treves • Director

Interview: Giorgio Treves • Director

“A pure Italian race? That’s a joke, right?”

VENICE 2018: Few people know much about a particularly dark page in Italy’s history, and Giorgio Treves is making sure that changes with documentary 1938 Diversi  

12/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Review: 1938 Diversi

Review: 1938 Diversi

VENICE 2018: Italy’s Giorgio Treves directs an in-depth and valid investigation into some very difficult years in recent Italian history  

07/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Out of Competition

Andreas Goldstein • Director

Interview: Andreas Goldstein • Director

“While I did see the problems, I am still pro-socialism”

VENICE 2018: German director Andreas Goldstein takes us back to 1989 with Adam & Evelyn, a laconic portrait of the fall of the Berlin Wall  

06/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics’ Week

Review: 22 July

Review: 22 July

VENICE 2018: Paul Greengrass returns with a hard-hitting, truthful account of the Norwegian summer of 2011, loaded with emotion  

06/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | Competition

Maxime Matray, Alexia Walther  • Directors

Interview: Maxime Matray, Alexia Walther • Directors

“It gets a little grotesque”

VENICE 2018: The first feature by Maxime Matray and Alexia Walther, Blonde Animals, presented in Venice's International Film Critics’ Week, shakes up both the audience and Claude Debussy  

05/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics’ Week

Letizia Lamartire  • Director

Interview: Letizia Lamartire • Director

“This woman contains a lot of passion and emotion, which I was happy to try to justify”

VENICE 2018: Italian director Letizia Lamartire’s feature debut, We'll Be Young and Beautiful is playing in the International Film Critics' Week  

04/09/2018 | Venice 2018 | International Film Critics’ Week

Review: A Fortunate Man

Review: A Fortunate Man

Bille August, the director of Pelle the Conqueror, nails another Danish classic  

30/08/2018 | Films | Denmark

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