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Bénédicte Prot

1633 articles available in total starting from 16/03/2005. Last article published on 15/07/2019.

An interactive fiction workshop

The next Workshop on Creative Broadband Potentials will take place in Karlsruhe, from the 19th to the 25th of May. This programme, aimed at helping professionals (developers, writers, producers,...  

04/05/2005 | Training | Germany

German productions on La Croisette

One of the highlights of this year’s fantastic selection is obviously Wim Wenders’ Don’t Come Knocking. The script was written by Sam Shepard (who also plays the leading role), the author of...  

22/04/2005 | Cannes 2005 | Germany

A great Austrian filmmaker in competition

Hidden, the latest film by Michael Haneke, has just been selected for the official competition of the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. This film, shot in French, was finished this Spring. It is the...  

20/04/2005 | Cannes 2005 | France

Moonstone in Leipzig

Moonstone, an advanced project based training and development programme for experienced writers and directors, has just opened an Eastern outpost in Leipzig. Moonstone International Screen Labs...  

14/04/2005 | International Screen Labs | Germany

Germany’s travel diaries

The seventh Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (12th-24th April), under its new director Fernando Pena,is definitely putting an emphasis on German cinema with no less than 45...  

12/04/2005 | Festivals | Germany

East and West meet in Wiesbaden

The GoEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Films, organised by the Deutsche Filminstitut, which has become, since it was created in 2001, complementary with the traditional Cottbus...  

08/04/2005 | Festivals | Germany

German cinema in Aussie

The 4th German Film Festival in Australia, organised by German Films and the Goethe Institute has added a fourth city to its program ; besides Sydney (14th-24th April), Melbourne (15th-24th April)...  

05/04/2005 | Festivals | Germany

Paulo Branco • Producer

Interview: Paulo Branco • Producer

The most european of all producers

He, whom the Cinémathèque in Paris already called 'the most european of all producers' in 1992, during a tribute entitled 'Bravo Branco'agreed to meet us during the last Berlinale  


A variety of films

The variety of yesterday’s releases gives German aficionados a reason to rejoice. For besides three unavoidable American productions (Be Cool, The Ring 2 and Winnie the Pooh),a Chilian, and an...  

01/04/2005 | New releases | Germany

Lola runs

This Spring, not only is German cinema traveling around the world to New-York (Tribeca Film Festival and New Directors/New films), Mar del Plata, Porto, or Annecy, but it is also dedicated a...  

29/03/2005 | Festivals | Germany