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Cristiana Paternò

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44 articles available in total starting from 14/05/2002. Last article published on 25/05/2017.

Garrone's indigestible love

Garrone's indigestible love

Interview with the young Italian director whose follow up to The Embalmer, is yet another disturbing story of a couple, called Primo amore  

09/02/2004 | Berlinale 2004 | Competition

Cannes 2003 - In Competition

Cannes 2003 - In Competition

Critics plaud Il cuore altrove, a touching and minimalist love story between a man and a beautiful blind young girl, set against the backdrop of 1920s Italy  


Pupi Avati: "We have to reach the public"

Veteran Italian film director Pupi Avati succeeds Felice Laudadio at the helm of Cinecittà Holding. Avati, who is very proud of his filmmaking experience, has no intention of giving up his day...  


Forum - Lettere dalla Palestina

Forum - Lettere dalla Palestina

The new ensemble film by Monicelli & Co is screened: 120 hours of footage to show that Israelis & Palestians can live together  


Gabriele Salvatores

Interview: Gabriele Salvatores

"My sun-filled thriller"

A fearless boy challenges the adult world. Salvatores sets his latest film in the "southern hemisphere" during the hottest summer of the century  


Muccino, souvenirs of Italy

Muccino, souvenirs of Italy

The family, bad TV and the wrong role models are the main themes of Ricordati di me, starring Monica Bellucci, Laura Morante and Fabrizio Bentivoglio  

05/02/2003 | Films | Italy

Roberto Benigni • Director

Interview: Roberto Benigni • Director

I am Pinocchio

As Benigni Day approaches, the Oscar-winning director meets the press to talk about his new film that'll be released on Friday 11 October onto almost 900 Italian screens  


Bertolucci's Parisian Dreams

Bertolucci's Parisian Dreams

Shooting is almost over on the Parisian set of The Dreamers, and the Italian director speaks about his three protagonists' dreams of Revolution  

18/09/2002 | Films | Italy

Michele Placido

Interview: Michele Placido

Journey to the end of love

Michele Placido in Venice with Un viaggio chiamato amore, the story of the crazy passion between Sibilla Aleramo and Dino Campana  


Out of Competition - Ripley's Game

Out of Competition - Ripley's Game

Liliana Cavani's Ripley's Game, out of competition, explores the middle years of Patricia Highsmith’s gentle and refined killer, the devious Tom Ripley  


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