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Giovannella Rendi

118 articles available in total starting from 13/02/2003. Last article published on 06/11/2008.

The Slurb is back

The strange little creature called “the Slurb”, a cheeky but good hearted character, which first appeared in the children’s series written by Paul Maar, is back. When the Slurb first appeared in...  

16/12/2003 | Releases | Germany

Maria Simon: Shooting Star

The star of the multi-award winning film Good-bye, Lenin!, Maria Simon, has won the prize as Best Actress as part of the German "Shooting stars" prizes for 2004. Simon, who was also acclaimed for...  

15/12/2003 | Actors | Germany

Funding for new projects

The Hamburg Support Fund (Filmförderung Hamburg GmbH) and Gremium 1 have agreed funding totalling €2,188,000 for film production, at a meeting held on December 5. The support will go to films that...  

11/12/2003 | Finances | Germany

German Cinema in the capital

The Export-Union and its partners (includine FFA, FF Bayern, Filmstiftung NRW, Nordmedia, Filmboard Berlin-Brandemburg and the Goethe Institute) is opening the 2nd edition of the festival of...  

10/12/2003 | Festivals | Russia

Grant for Margarethe von Trotta

At a meeting held on December 3, FFF Bayern has agreed funding worth €3 million to give to 17 new projects, with a total of €1,750,000 for investment in cinematographic production and...  

09/12/2003 | Funding | Germany

FFF Bayern awards the best

December 12 is the date for the prize for Bavarian cinema operators, which is being held in the main auditorium of Bamberg University in the presence of the minister, Erwin Huber. The FFF Bayern...  

05/12/2003 | Operators | Germany

Fischer’s film awarded

Fremder Freund("Foreign Friend"), the debut of Elmar Fischer has won the award at the FILMZ,the full-lenght film festival in Rheiland-Pfalz. Fischer’s film, interpreted by Antonio Wannek, Navid...  

04/12/2003 | Festivals | Germany

FFA Projects

During its last session of 2003, the FFA (Filmförderungsanstalt) has decided to appropriate a total of 2.970.000 Euros to finance cinematographic projects, including: Von Suchen und Finder der...  

03/12/2003 | Funding | Germany

5 already in competition

5 already in competition

Kosslick announces some of the films competing at the next Festival: the German director Karmakar, the Spanish filmmaker Aragon, the Croatian Bresan, the Danish Olesen and the American Ron Howard  

02/12/2003 | Berlinale 2004 | Germany

NRW's successful line-up

It looks like the German production company Filmstiftung Nordrhein Westfalen - NRW is heading for a successful season. Firstly there’s the co-production with UGC Images in Paris for the cinema...  

28/11/2003 | Production | Germany

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