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Maud Forsgren

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69 articles available in total starting from 21/12/2012. Last article published on 21/08/2020.

Joern Utkilen • Director

Interview: Joern Utkilen • Director

"I have no interest in faithfully reproducing reality by creating a simple copy"

Norwegian director Joern Utkilen tells us about his debut feature film Lake over Fire and invites us to ponder his creative process  


Christian Lo • Director

Interview: Christian Lo • Director

"My style is close to realism, tempered by tenderness and nuanced humour"

BERLIN 2018: We met up with Norwegian director Christian Lo, whose third feature film Los Bando is screening in the Generation section  

21/02/2018 | Berlinale 2018 | Generation

Arild Fröhlich • Director

Interview: Arild Fröhlich • Director

"Have fun when you can, be serious when you have to"

Norwegian filmmaker Arild Fröhlich talks about his comedic approach to the Norwegian release of his sixth feature film, Opportunity Knocks  


Harald Zwart • Director

Interview: Harald Zwart • Director

"We need to instil in our children values such as constantly challenging our own limits"

Cineuropa met with Norwegian director, Harald Zwart, whose new film 12th Man is released in Norway on Christmas day  


Erlingur Thoroddsen • Director

Interview: Erlingur Thoroddsen • Director

"Rift talks about a recent breakup, a transition period of emotional instability"

Icelandic director Erlingur Thoroddsen talks about his second feature film, Rift, which comes out on 27 October in Iceland  


Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen • Director

Interview: Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen • Director

"The music is the binding thread of the film"

TORONTO 2017: Valley of Shadows, the first feature film by Norwegian filmmaker Jonas Matzow Gulbrandsen premiered internationally at the Toronto Film Festival  


Iram Haq • Director

Interview: Iram Haq • Director

"Free thoughts, free voices – that was my motivation"

TORONTO 2017: We spoke with Norwegian director Iram Haq whose latest film What Will People Say is world-premiering at Toronto  

06/09/2017 | Toronto 2017 | Platform

Charlotte Sieling • Director

Interview: Charlotte Sieling • Director

"I decided to exaggerate a little bit and to push certain situations to the extreme"

We met up with Danish director Charlotte Sieling, whose latest film The Man is released in cinemas in Norway  


Izer Aliu  • Director

Interview: Izer Aliu • Director

“What are our principles worth when reality brings a cruel denial to our beliefs?”

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Izer Aliu, whose first feature film, Hunting Flies, was released in Norway after its world premiere at Toronto  


Severin Eskeland • Director

Interview: Severin Eskeland • Director

"I like scaring myself"

Cineuropa met with Norwegian director Severin Eskeland to talk about his second feature film, Lust, which is being released in Norwegian theatres  


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