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Maud Forsgren

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69 articles available in total starting from 21/12/2012. Last article published on 21/08/2020.

Jorunn Myklebust Syversen • Director

Interview: Jorunn Myklebust Syversen • Director

"I want to make the viewer believe they’re sharing a secret with me"

Cineuropa sat down with Norwegian director Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, whose debut feature film, The Tree Feller, will be released in Norway on 7 April  


Torfinn Iversen • Director

Interview: Torfinn Iversen • Director

"I think I’ve made a bittersweet comedy imbued with magical realism"

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Torfinn Iversen to talk about Oskar's America, which is being released in Norway on 24 March after world-premiering in Berlin's Generation section  


Arild Andresen • Director

Interview: Arild Andresen • Director

"Just because somebody doesn't express their emotions doesn't necessarily mean they don't have any"

We interviewed Norwegian director Arild Andresen, whose new film, Handle with Care, is about to be released on his home turf  


Ole Giæver • Director

Interview: Ole Giæver • Director

"I try to understand, as an explorer, what it means to be human"

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Ole Giæver, who is presenting his latest feature film, From the Balcony, in the Panorama section of the Berlin Film Festival  


Erik Poppe • Director

Interview: Erik Poppe • Director

“I think that we could do with leaders like Haakon VII today”

BERLIN 2017: Cineuropa sat down with Norway's Erik Poppe, director of The King’s Choice, which is screening in the Panorama section of the Berlinale  


Kim Hiorthøy • Director

Interview: Kim Hiorthøy • Director

"I don’t believe in the free flow of thoughts when it comes to artistic creation"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Kim Hiorthøy, whose debut feature, The Rules for Everything, is being released in Norway  


Jan Vardøen • Director

Interview: Jan Vardøen • Director

"Helping us to all live in better harmony is a constant concern of mine"

Anglo-Norwegian director Jan Vardøen is releasing his latest film, House of Norway, in Norwegian theatres, and we caught up with him to talk about it  


Terje Rangnes • Director

Interview: Terje Rangnes • Director

"We wanted to put the outdated charm of Christmases of yesteryear front and centre"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Terje Rangnes to talk about his Christmas film Carpenter Andersen meets Santa Claus  


Jon Haukeland • Director

Interview: Jon Haukeland • Director

"Their reality, thanks to the freedom fiction granted me, became a new reality"

Cineuropa sat down with Norwegian director Jon Haukeland, whose third feature film, What Young Men Do, is about to hit screens in the Scandinavian nation  


Hallvard Bræin • Director

Interview: Hallvard Bræin • Director

"I love to experiment, but I also love to lend my talents to causes that I hold dear"

Cineuropa sat down with Norwegian director Hallvard Bræin, whose film, Børning 2 – On Ice, the sequel to Norwegian box-office smash Børning will hit cinema screens this autumn  


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