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Maud Forsgren

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69 articles available in total starting from 21/12/2012. Last article published on 21/08/2020.

Vibeke Idsøe • Director

Interview: Vibeke Idsøe • Director

"It can often be enriching to broach topical issues with elements borrowed from the past"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Vibeke Idsøe, director of The Lion Woman, the screening of which will open this year’s 44th Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund  


Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken • Director

Interview: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken • Director

"I believe in the intuition an actor gets when something sounds right"

Cineuropa met up with young Norwegian director Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken, whose second feature film, Late Summer, is being released in Norwegian theatres  


Erik Skjoldbjærg • Director

Interview: Erik Skjoldbjærg • Director

"How can you live unconventionally, within a predefined context that implicitly excludes you?"

Norwegian filmmaker Erik Skjoldbjærg drew inspiration from one of Norwegian author Gaute Heivoll’s novels for his latest feature film, Pyromaniac  


Halkawt Mustafa • Director

Interview: Halkawt Mustafa • Director

"I hope I’ve made a feelgood movie that makes people happy"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Halkawt Mustafa to talk about his second feature film, El Clásico, currently showing in Norway  


Patrik Syversen • Director

Interview: Patrik Syversen • Director

"Afterparty... is believing the party's still raging, even though it's already over"

Cineuropa sat down with Norwegian director Patrik Syversen to discuss his fifth feature film, Afterparty, out now in Norway  


Nils Gaup  • Director

Interview: Nils Gaup • Director

"Music is something essential: for me, it's the heart and soul of the film"

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Nils Gaup, whose eighth feature film, The Last King, has hit cinemas  


Rune Denstad Langlo  • Director

Interview: Rune Denstad Langlo • Director

"Light doesn’t have to mean superficial"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Rune Denstad Langlo to talk about his new film, Welcome to Norway, which had its world premiere at Göteborg  


Rasmus A Sivertsen  • Director

Interview: Rasmus A Sivertsen • Director

"Nowadays we sometimes forget that it’s the visuals that count in animation"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian filmmaker Rasmus A Sivertsen, the director of animated feature Solan and Ludvig: The Big Cheese Race  


Kjersti G Steinsbø  • Director

Interview: Kjersti G Steinsbø • Director

"I hope I can make audiences ask themselves questions, perhaps even call themselves into question"

Cineuropa caught up with Norwegian director Kjersti G Steinsbø, who has just unveiled her debut feature film Hevn (Revenge)  


Pål Øie  • Director

Interview: Pål Øie • Director

"I find it fascinating to see nature and civilisation co-exist, the primitive and the technological"

Cineuropa met Norwegian director Pål Øie, whose latest film, Villmark 2 has hit Norwegian screens  


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