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Giovannella Rendi

118 articles available in total starting from 13/02/2003. Last article published on 06/11/2008.

RBB to show niche films

In contrast to the other German TV channels which have decided to broadcast past classics of European cinema as part of Cinedays 2003, Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg has chosen to show recent films,...  

10/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Germany

A new Bear

There’s an exciting new development planned for the 54th edition of the Berlinale: it will be putting even more focus on youngsters, and there’ll even be a new prize, The Glass Bear, for the Best...  

10/10/2003 | Berlinale 2004 | Germany

Grant for Süskind adaptation

At FFF Bayern’s latest meeting, approval has been given for an investment programme worth around €4.7 million for 15 film projects. The largest grant (€1.4 million) will be given to the new film...  

09/10/2003 | Productions | Germany

Rediscovering Askarian

In Berlin, as part of Cinedays 2003, there’s the chance to discover (or re-discover) a filmmaker who is not so well known to the public at large but whose work is highly esteemed in the world of...  

09/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Germany

Gremium 1 Funds

At the latest meeting of Gremium 1, funding worth more than €2.2 million has been earmarked to support the making of films that have a budget over €800,000. The largest investments will be going...  

08/10/2003 | Films | Germany

France and Italy on TV

The German television channel ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is putting on a series of specials, mainly dedicated to Italy and France, as its contribution to Cinedays 2003. There will be a...  

08/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Germany

Kids like Black and White

Kids like Black and White

The use of chiaroscuro and its ability to create a tense atmosphere: the German Film Institute in Frankfurt is targeting youngsters with a series of great black and white classics  

07/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Germany

MDR for the cinema

The Radio and TV channel Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk is taking part in Cinedays, by featuring an original and wide-ranging selection of fairly recent genre films. The initiative will be starting on...  

06/10/2003 | Cinedays 2003 | Germany

Hamburg: public vote for Kops

There’s been a more than positive out outcome for the Hamburg Filmfestival (September 19-26, 2003): there were 116 films shown at the event, coming from 38 countries, with more than 28,000 people...  

06/10/2003 | Festivals | Germany

Napola, a Nazi college

Shooting has just started in Prague on the film Napola, an historical drama directed by Dennis Gansel (The Phantom, Girls on Top), who also wrote the screenplay of the film together with Maggie...  

03/10/2003 | Films | Germany

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