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Maud Forsgren

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69 articles available in total starting from 21/12/2012. Last article published on 21/08/2020.

Roar Uthaug  • Director

Interview: Roar Uthaug • Director

"I didn't want to favour the spectacular aspect to the detriment of the human element"

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Roar Uthaug, whose fourth feature, The Wave, screened at Toronto, is Norway's submission in the Oscars race  


Sten Hellevig  • Director

Interview: Sten Hellevig • Director

“My intention wasn't to shock, it was to get closer to reality”

Cineuropa met the Norwegian director Sten Hellevig to talk about his first feature film Dryads – Girls Don't Cry  


Irasj Asanti  • Director

Interview: Irasj Asanti • Director

“My constant concern is being authentic and truthful”

Cineuropa meets Norwegian director Irasj Asanti whose first feature film Høvdinger is released tomorrow across cinemas in Norway  


Kenneth Elvebakk  • Director

Interview: Kenneth Elvebakk • Director

"I found it difficult to get people to accept my role as a mere observer"

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Kenneth Elvebakk to talk about his documentary Ballet Boys, which is coming out in French theatres  


Kaia Høidalen  • Coordinator, Eurodok

Interview: Kaia Høidalen • Coordinator, Eurodok

Eurodok? A small festival with moderate means that’s enjoying great success

Cineuropa met up with Kaia Høidalen, coordinator of the Eurodok Festival, which was held in Oslo a few days ago  


Bobbie Peers  • Director

Interview: Bobbie Peers • Director

"I'd like my film to be a haunting melody, that’s irritating and fascinating at the same time"

Cineuropa met the Anglo-Norwegian director Bobbie Peers, who has just screened his first feature The Disappearing Illusionist  


Yngvild Sve Flikke  • Director

Interview: Yngvild Sve Flikke • Director

"Falling, in love or not, to emerge stronger"

Cineuropa met the Norwegian director Yngvild Sve Flikke, who has just screened her first feature film Women in Oversized Men’s Shirts  


Charlotte Blom  • Director

Interview: Charlotte Blom • Director

"Home sweet home is nice, but celebrating is even better"

Cineuropa met with Charlotte Blom, the young Norwegian director who has just shot her first feature, Staying Alive  


Astrid Thorvaldsen  • Director

Interview: Astrid Thorvaldsen • Director

"The familiar and identifiable in everyday life is often more frightening than the monstrosities"

Young Norwegian director Astrid Thorvaldsen spoke to Cineuropa about her first feature-length work, Utburd, a horror film  


Gunnar Vikene  • Director

Interview: Gunnar Vikene • Director

"Harold is a modern-day Don Quixote"

Cineuropa met up with Norwegian director Gunnar Vikene to talk about his latest film, Here is Harold  


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