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Ilias Konteas

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243 articles available in total starting from 13/06/2002. Last article published on 30/05/2003.

Digital Content Fund launched

The MFG agency puts heavy money behind young & technologically innovative filmmakers willing to experiment  

27/03/2003 | Funding | Germany

Karaindrou charms Brussels

Concert of Greek film scores in Belgian capital  

25/03/2003 | Events | Greece

“Counter Phrases” in Athens

Counter Phrases , a spectacular event that includes cinema, music and the dance is scheduled to take place at the Athens Town Hall on 27 March. The programme includes ten short films but Belgian...  

24/03/2003 | Events | Greece

Cinema celebrates Women in Thessalonica

The Cinema Club of the Trade Union Centre (TUC) of Thessaloniki has organised a celebration of Women in films that will take place during March and April of this year. The event includes classics...  

21/03/2003 | Events | Greece

EU state subsidies control mechanism criticises

In a declaration that was sent to the Austrian Secretary of State for Culture, Franz Morak, on Thursday 20 March 2003, Gerhard Schedl, the director of the Austrian Film Institute, criticised the...  

21/03/2003 | Institutions | Austria

Greek Literature in UK cinemas

The Greek Culture Foundation, the collaboration with the Greek Embassy in London and the Greek Film Center have organised two weekend events dedicated to Greek Literature in Films. Five films...  

20/03/2003 | Reviews | UK

Nordic films in Vienna

Austrian audiences can enjoy 13 Nordic productions from 20-30 March at Vienna’s Urania Cinema. Organised by the Austria-Nordic Countries Association with the Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish...  

19/03/2003 | Reviews | Austria

New Doc Competition

Bavaria TV and Telepool Media sponsor new cinema & TV documentaries  

19/03/2003 | Documentaries | Germany

Goodbye Lenin! is best-ever performer

Wolfgang Becker’s comedy about the fall of the Berlin Wall, Goodbye Lenin! is the most successful German film of all time. Goodbye Lenin turned out to be an unexpected hit and over 2 million...  

18/03/2003 | Box Office | Germany

Franco-German Film Workshop in Baden

A special workshop on Independent Film Production is scheduled to take place on 26-30 March 2003 at the German-French Film Academy in Baden-Wuertteberg. Keynote speakers include Geoffrey Gilmore,...  

18/03/2003 | Events | Germany

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