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Giovannella Rendi

118 articles available in total starting from 13/02/2003. Last article published on 06/11/2008.

Co-operation with the East

Around 120 experts from Austria, Germany and other EU countries have taken part in a two-part conference held at the Chamber of Commerce in Vienna to discuss “The Widening of the Cinematographic...  

16/09/2003 | Meetings | Austria

New copyright rules

Changes to the regulations on authors’ rights in Germany have come into effect from September 13. The new copyright rules have been introduced as a reaction to the technological developments of...  

15/09/2003 | Legislation | Germany

Award for Isabelle

The French actress Isabelle Huppert will be given this year's prize named after Douglas Sirk, which will be handed over during the Hamburg Film Festival (September 19-26). The award is given to a...  

12/09/2003 | Festivals | Germany

Thief for the Oscars

The Bratislava Academy has announced today that the Slovakian nomination for the Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Film will be the adventure movie, Der König der Diebe ("The king of Thieves"),...  

11/09/2003 | Films | DE/FR/SK

New Film Academy

In spite of the recent protests involving more than 400 people from the world of German cinema, it’s been decided to create a Film Academy in Germany, modelled on the famous Hollywood institution....  

10/09/2003 | Institutions | Germany

Agnes and Her Brothers

The director Oskar Roehler is back on set after presenting his Angst at the 2003 Berlinale. Filming on this new work, called Agnes und seine Brüder ("Agnes and her brothers") will be continuing...  

08/09/2003 | Production | Germany

Fast Track Europe

On December 4 and 5 there’ll be a meeting discussing the theme of co-production, with the title Europa der kurzen Wege 2003 (“Fast Track Europe”) being held in the Hotel Bad Horn conference centre...  

08/09/2003 | Meetings | Germany

Privatisation of a Prize

Actors and directors throughout Germany have joined a campaign against the threatened privatisation of the German equivalent of the Oscars. 400 artists (including the directors Petere Lilienthal,...  

01/09/2003 | Awards | Germany

Competition  - Rosenstrasse

Competition - Rosenstrasse

Margarethe von Trotta returns to the Mostra with a little-known German story about the courageous 1943 protest by Aryan wives to save their imprisoned Jewish spouses  


What Women Want

What Women Want

Margarethe Von Trotta returns to the Lido with a little known story of extraordinary courage and dignity in the face of hatred and war  

31/08/2003 | Venice 2003 | Competition

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