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Cineuropa Award

Cineuropa Award Rules

  • The Cineuropa Award is given to a film that besides having indisputable artistic qualities also brings out the idea of European dialogue and integration
  • The Prize is given by one or more qualified editors or collaborators chosen by Cineuropa and present at the Festival
  • The Prize is given to a film produced or co-produced by a country participating in the MEDIA Programme or member of Eurimages
  • The Prize consists of promotion on the Cineuropa site, including a special newsletter dedicated to the film (including a review, an interview with the director, and trailers and excerpts), which will be sent to our mailing list of over 50,000 subscribers.

The Prize is awarded at the following partner festivals:

Trieste Film Festival
Mons International Love Film Festival
Vilnius Film Festival - Kino Pavasaris
Lecce European Film Festival
Cinema City International Film Festival
Sarajevo International Film Festival
Istanbul Film Festival
Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival
Les Arcs European Film Festival


Vis-a-Vis by Nevio Marasović, Brussels Film Festival 2014

The director is preparing a new film. A well-known actor he wants to engage to play the role of the Father criticizes his screenplay and the selection of the actor for the role of the Son. The director invites the “Son” to come to the island of Vis to work on the screenplay and the role and to be sure that he has made the right choice when choosing him for the role. Due to the isolation they are confronted with on the island during winter season, the two of them are doomed to come to grips with their frustrations that are constantly being intertwined with the plot in a strange way.


Macondo by Sudabeh Mortezai, Lecce European Film Festival 2014

Macondo by Sudabeh Mortezai, Lecce European Film Festival 2014

Tucked in between the airport, motorway and the banks of the Danube in the Viennese district of Simmering, an entire world of its own has emerged behind walls of corrugated iron and barracks: Macondo, a settlement of refugees where about 3,000 asylum-seekers from 22 different countries are housed. One of them is eleven-year-old Ramasan who has come here from Chechnya with his mother and two younger sisters. His father was killed in the conflict with the Russians, at least that’s what he's been told. Ramasan tries his best to take his father’s place – for instance by looking after his sisters or tucking his mother’s stray hair back underneath her headscarf. But then a brooding man named Isa, a friend of Ramasan’s father from the old days, suddenly arrives in Macondo and Ramasan's life is thrown into disarray.

Come to My Voice

Come to My Voice by Hüseyin Karabey, Istanbul International Film Festival 2014

Come to My Voice by Hüseyin Karabey, Istanbul International Film Festival 2014

In a remote Kurdish village in the mountains little Jiyan is worried about her father who has been arrested by the Turkish police as a suspected guerilla. He will only be released when his family surrenders his gun. The problem is: he has never possessed one. And so Jiyan’s grandmother Berfé has no choice but to set off in search of a weapon. A long march on foot leads Berfé and Jiyan through breathtakingly beautiful mountains to their relatives and beyond, into the unknown. On their journey Berfé displays courage and tenacity and Jiyan learns what it takes to survive in the adult world.

Class Enemy

Class Enemy by Rok Biček, Les Arcs Film Festival 2013

Due to a huge difference in the way they perceive life, the relationship between the students and their new German language teacher becomes critically tense. When one of the students commits suicide, her classmates accuse the teacher of being responsible for her death. The realisation that things are not so black and white comes too late.

Peace After Marriage

Peace After Marriage by Ghazi Albuliwi, Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival 2013

Peace After Marriage by Ghazi Albuliwi, Brussels Mediterranean Film Festival 2013

Arafat, a thirty year old Arab New Yorker, lives at home with his parents who are desperate to find him a Muslim bride. Horny and lonely, he tries the New York dating scene with zero luck. Then he meets Kenny, a smooth talking single New Yorker who becomes his wingman. According to Kenny the only solution for Arafat is to move out of his parents house. With no money or job, Arafat can't afford to move out. Then Kenny proposes an idea: a Green Card marriage for money! But with an Israeli girl…

The Strange Little Cat

The Strange Little Cat by Ramon Zürcher, Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2013

The Strange Little Cat by Ramon Zürcher, Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2013

Siblings Karin and Simon are visiting their parents and their little sister Clara. That evening, other relatives will be joining them for dinner. This sequence of seemingly unspectacular family scenes in a Berlin flat creates a wondrous world and an exciting choreography of the everyday.

With Mom

With Mom by Faruk Lončarević, Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

With Mom by Faruk Lončarević, Sarajevo Film Festival 2013

In Sarajevo, more than a decade after the war, while her socialist family is falling apart, Berina, a young artist, is trying to live out her just discovered sexuality and, at the same time, accept her mother’s terminal illness. 

Michael Kohlhaas

Michael Kohlhaas by Arnaud Des Pallières, Brussels Film Festival 2013

In the sixteenth century, somewhere in the Cevennes, Michael Kohlhaas, a prosperous horse merchant, leads a comfortable and happy family life. Victim of an injustice, this righteous and honest man raises an army and plunders cities to restore his right.

The Dead and the Living

The Dead and the Living by Barbara Albert, Lecce European Film Festival 2013

The personal journey of young Sita is not only an expedition into her family's burdened past during World War 2. It is also a journey to the abyss of modern European society, a trip which takes her from Berlin - about losing one's homeland and discovering oneself, about hope and responsibility.

The Attack

The Attack by Ziad Doueiri, Istanbul International Film Festival 2013

An adaptation of the international best seller by Yasmina Khadra. The film focuses on the moral dilemma faced by an Arab-Israeli surgeon when the police inform him that his wife has carried out a suicide bombing that has killed nineteen people.

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