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Cannes 2015 – Industry/France

Country Focus: France

The agreement between Canal+ and French cinema has been renewed


- CANNES 2015: The number-one financier of French film production and all of the professional organisations have finally reached an agreement

The agreement between Canal+ and French cinema has been renewed

All’s well that ends well. Following a certain amount of friction that had seen two producers’ organisations refusing to sign the first version of the renewal of the agreement uniting French cinema and the Canal+ group (its number-one source of financial backing) for another five years, the entirety of the profession (ARP, BLIC, BLOC, UPF) has now reached an agreement on the Croisette, where the 68th Cannes Film Festival is in full swing.

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Canal+ will therefore continue to devote 12.5% of its annual turnover to pre-purchases (a minimum of 85% of the total amount) and to purchasing European and French films, 9.625% of which (a figure that has seen a slight increase) will go to feature films originally in the French language. Interestingly, out of the total, 17% will have to be devoted to films with a budget of less than €4 million.

The negotiations also resulted in the fact that StudioCanal will not operate in France as an executive producer. Canal+ has also committed itself to limiting the number of titles from StudioCanal’s catalogue that it supplies to its channels, guaranteeing stability in terms of the number of its annual pre-purchases of films originally in the French language, and not calling the agreement into question in the event of a change in its conditions governing marketing to its subscribers.

In return, Canal+ will have the right to broadcast a film 50 times (and a minimum of ten) over a six-month period (as against 36 times over three months, as was the case previously).

In 2014, Canal+, which plays a crucial role in funding French film production, invested €135.88 million in 103 features registered as being French; the €14.87 million granted to 83 films by its subsidiary, Ciné+, must also be added to this figure.

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