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Country Focus: Italy

Map of the Italian regions


- A list of the film funds and commissions of the Italian regions

Alto Adige

Since 2010, the Business Location Südtirol – Alto Adige has been running one of Italy's most relevant funds in support of film productions. Special attention is given to co-productions between the German- and Italian-speaking markets. It offers three types of funding: for production, pre-production, and a combined one for both pre-production and production. An on-site expenditure equal to 150% of the required sum is necessary.

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Valle d'Aosta

FC Vallée d'Aoste supports film and audiovisual productions through its Film Fund. It gives out up to 80,000 euros for an on-site expenditure that equals 150% of the funds required. FCVA supports the presence of both national and international film and audiovisual productions on its regional territory – especially French-speaking ones. 


Trentino FC offers free assistance to film, TV and documentary productions, both national and international. The annual fund is of 1,200,000 euros. In 2015, 80% of it will be destined for the financing of local, national and international film, TV and documentary productions, original TV formats and also to support educational and professional market opportunities. The maximum contribution is 200,000 euros. Beneficiaries must spend 150% of the received funds in the territory and hire 20% of the crew from Trentino.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia 

FVG Film Fund supports audiovisual productions shot in Friuli-Venezia Giulia with funds of up to 200,000 euros for feature-length fictions and TV projects, and up to 30,000 euros for documentaries. This is in addition to the free services of the FVG Film Commission: location scouting, filming permissions, and connections with local authorities and professionals. There is also the Regional Fund for Audio-Visuals, which is mainly there to support local enterprises and professionals, but can also be used for projects pitched by production companies based outside of FVG.


Piedmont FC offers funds of up to 15% of the budget employed on its territory to those who choose the region. In addition to this, there is a logistical and technical point of reference at the Turin headquarters of FC Torino Piemonte, an 8,000 square metre structure that offers offices, meeting rooms, rehearsal spaces, store rooms for set design and a screening room. In 2015, the Film Commission can offer 6 million euros, derived from the public sector as well as private investors, through the tax credit curated by Film Investimenti Piemonte, the operations branch of the Film Commission aimed at attracting private investors outside the film industry. 


Apart from the assistance services for location, permissions and HR, the Lombardy Film Commission makes available a Cine-port equipped with offices, meeting and casting rooms, dressing rooms for hair and make-up, set-design storage and a garage. In the LFC headquarters, there is a Final-Cut post for viewing and pre-editing footage.


The Regional Fund for Cinema and Audiovisual has a fund (to the tune of 300,000 euros in 2014) that is available to national and international production companies. The contribution can be up to a maximum of 70,000 euros, with 15% of the expenses planned and carried out in Veneto.


Videoporto Genova offers local, national and international producers a structure equipped with a studio, dressing rooms, areas for labs, production offices and guest rooms.


The Sardegna FC office offers free assistance services, providing technical, logistical and bureaucratic information and support during the different stages of production, also using databases.


Toscana FC offers information and logistical support, and provides a database of local professionals, technicians and artists, services, societies and an image archive for 1,300 locations. TFC can count on the Incoming Fund, which aims to cut the costs in audiovisual productions. This fund is open to all production companies, both national and international.


With an annual fund of 15 million euros, the Lazio region supports the production of Italian, European and international films and audiovisual works. The Roma Lazio FC creates platforms for the development of international co-productions by organising co-production meetings at major film festivals (Cannes, the Berlinale, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mumbai). 


Marche FC offers assistance while shooting, script reading services, location ideas and scouting, contact with local professionals and service providers, help with hospitality and logistics, strategies for providing financial support to productions, assistance in gaining access to funding and prizes for the films that most effectively represent and endorse the region.


The FC Regione Campania was turned into a Foundation in January 2014. The services it provides are free: location scouting, information and consulting on the region's morphology, transport and links, visual databases of locations of historical, artistic and environmental interest, and assistance in finding service providers, technical support and HR.


Lucania's Film Commission is an “emerging” one. Created two years ago, it is already well structured. For the first, experimental film call, European funds were used for Italian and regional operators, but the aim is to attract international productions, too. Last March, the region decided to contribute to the foundation's 2015 plan with one million euros. A total of 535,000 euros will be destined for film production.


Apulia FC supports and coordinates the full production process of films and audiovisual titles through four funding bodies, with a total of 3.5 million euros in 2014. The International Film Fund (2.4 million euros in 2014) is aimed at Italian, European and international film and audiovisual and TV production companies. The Development Film Fund is for fiction or animated feature-length films, TV/web films, TV/web series that are at least 60% set in Apulia, and are in the Italian or English language. Apulia Hospitality Fund covers 70% of the expenses (up to a maximum of 200,000 euros) incurred only in the regional territory and only during production for food and accommodation.

Among the projects funded through Fondi Strutturali Europei are PugliaExperience, the international screenwriting workshop, and the Euro Mediterraneo Co-Production Forum.


Fondazione Calabria FC is inactive due to financial difficulties. The new president, Ivano Nasso, was appointed in August 2014.


In 2014, Sicilia FC invested over 2 million euros in the co-funding of documentaries and feature-length films. It supports young directors and promotes the training of documentary makers through the “Sicilian Branch of the Experimental Centre of Cinematography [the Italian National Film School] – BA in Documentary Making” - and the production of web series and experimental shorts.

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