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Country Focus: Italy

Italian Film Commissions

- A list of Italian film commissions with useful information and links

A list of Italian film commissions with useful information and links.

Alto Adige
The BLS Film Fund & Commission presents itself as a partner for production companies interested in filming in the territory by providing them funding and services. Each year, the BLS manages Bolzano’s provincial accounts, a fund totalling €5 million for funding the pre-production of films as well as cinematic and televisual production. Since its creation, the BLS has supported more than 100 projects, principally from Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with grants that can reach a total of €700,000.

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Aosta Valley
Divided into four administrative areas, the Aosta Valley Film Fund is the body, thanks to which the film commission can support cinematographic and audiovisual productions (a budge of €60,000). The Aosta Valley Doc Film Fund is dedicated to documentaries and first works It has a budget of €20,000.

The region has set up a production support fund, three “cinema ports” (Bari, Lecce and Foggia), a “quality cinemas” circuit, a festival network, a co-production forum and international cooperation projects. Since 2007, the Apulia Film Cimmission has thrown support behind 340 film projects. The region is home to four funds: Apulia National e International Film Fund, Apulia Regional Film Fund, Apulia Development Film Fund and Bando di Ospitalità (accommodation assistance), for a combined total of €3.5 million.
Among the projects supported by the European Structural Funds is the “PrugliaExperience” international scriptwriting workshop and international co-production in the Mediterranean.

The Lucana Film Commission Fund – “Against the Crisis”
The fund recently managed a €3.2 million call for tender, funded by European funds, backing 77 productions, including several Start Ups. As well as their call for tender, supplementary funding has allowed the company to support several international productions including a Mexican fiction.

The Campania Region Film Commission’s services are free. These services are varied and can cover several aspects of the production process: reducing production costs, finding tax benefits, reducing wait times for shooting and simplifying the licence application process.

Fruili Venezla Giulia
The audiovisual fund, with a budget of €800,000, gives support to audivisual productions electing to shoot in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The fund offers grants which can reach a total of €200,000. The amount of funding  depends as much on the type of project as it does on the number of days of shooting in FVG. The fund offers grants to independent production companies based in the FVG region for training, development and distribution of audiovisual products destined for regional, national and international markets.

The region provides support tools for each step in the production chain such as the Roma Lazio Film Commission, and annual regional funds of €15 million for Italian and foreign film production, and audiovisual and internet projects. The “Lazio Cinema International” call to tender supports audiovisual co-productions by awarding of grants. This fund has a €10 million budget at its disposal, 50% of which is reserved for cinematographic co-productions and the other 50% for audiovisual productions.

Genova-Liguria Film Commission is a not-for-profit organisation that offers information and assistance for obtaining shooting permits and authorisation. The Film Commission also helps production companies scout out locations, makes equipment available to them, and helps find low-cost lodging for film crews.

The Lombardy Film Commissions offers several free services: temporary use of offices, a database of shooting locations, permit requests, institutional relationship management, professional archives, and final-cut editing equipment.

The Torino Piemento Film Commission runs the “Incentives for feature film and televisual productions” fund, which is granted a total budget of €1,000,000. Support given is calculated based on the number of weeks for the shoot, and the production company’s total expenses in the region.
The Piemonte Doc Film Fund supports documentary projects and gives preference to co-productions between Piemonte and international companies with a budget of €350,00. The short-film fund (with a €30,000 budget) supports first and second Italian short films from or co-produced with Italy.

The “Fondo Ospitalità” (accommodation fund) has a €548,000 budget to support cinema and audiovisual productions wanting to shoot in Sardinia. Projects must be co-produced with the region, partners from which must contribute up to 35% of the total cost. The Sardinian region also supports the distribution phase and the promotion campaigns to facilitate the distribution and broadcasting in circuits, festivals, and expositions for works of regional interest.
There is a current call for tender open: HEROES 20-20-20 for the production of web projects, shorts, and documentaries, which concern Sardinian environmental sustainability practices and energy economy.

Sicily Film Commission runs a cinema and audiovisual fund, which looks at supporting cinema and television productions in Sicily.

Tuscany Film Commission provides free assistance for all productions that elect to film in Tuscany. The TFC provides logistic and informational support in all aspects of the production process, mostly thanks to a database of local technical and artistic professionals and a database of shooting locations organised by province and typology.

With a budget of €1.2 million, the Trentino Film Fund supports the creation and distribution of films, television shows, and documentaries filmed in Trentino. The fund is also responsible for professional training, participation in both national and international markets and festivals. The value of funding granted is €200,000 for feature films and TV series, €40,000 for documentaries, and €10,000 for training.
There are three selection sessions per year.

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