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Country Focus: Spain

Spain 2005 - Catalonia a significant and structured support


Catalonia is the leader of regional audiovisual support in Spain with 10.4 millions of euros allocated by the Institut Catala des Industries Culturals (ICIC) for 2005. This amount represents an increase of 30% in relation to the amount allocated in 2004. Of this quantity 9.5 millions will be distributed among various lines of subsidy and 0.9 million will be destined to the brand new CDA, Audiovisual Development centre where free consulting services will be provided for the writing and development of audiovisual projects.

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The Catalan funding system foresees both selective and automatic support aids both for cinema and television works.

For cinema production the Fund reserves more than 5 millions euros. Producers may opt to a maximum of 220.000 euros by film that can be increased up to 280.000 euros should Catalan be the language of the “première” and of the original version of the film.

The independent television production sector is supported with 3.660 000 euros this year. High-quality tv movies intended for the national and international markets are subsidized up to a 17% of the total production costs, with a maximum limit of 170.000 euros. The production of documentaries of more than 50 minutes is subsidized up to a maximum of 24.000 euros and the development of animation series of more than 150 minutes with 50.000 euros.

Selective project support is foreseen for first and second feature, the art house cinema and for short film production and the promotion of creators from other artistic disciplines.

For the first and second feature of a film director, companies may apply up to 120.000 euros for fiction features and up to 90.000 euros if it is a matter of a documentary feature film. The same amounts apply for fiction features or art house documentaries directed by Catalan film directors with a noticeable track record.

Projects that articulate a new look on the audiovisual directed by creators from other artistic disciplines may apply up to a maximum of 80.000 euros by project.

Short films can apply up to a maximum of 10.000 euros.

This year the ICIC participates in the financing of a new co production Fund "Raíces" (Roots) endowed with 450.000 euros together with the Consorcio Audiovisual de Galicia and the Argentinean INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y de Artes Audiovisuales) to foster co productions to develop works of quality and the exchange of artistic and technical talent among producers of the three territories.

To opt to Catalonian subsidies it is found sufficient that independent production companies are registered in the Official Registration Centre of audiovisual companies in Catalonia or in a European member state with permanent offices in Catalonia.

Among the more recent projects supported by the ICIC we may cite Darkness [+see also:
film profile
, produced by Filmax International in 2002, the documentary Rafter, produced by Bausan Films in 2003, Oscar nomination 2004, or The Wolf, Castelao Productions in 2004.

Being found that the lending policy is crucial for film production each year the Institut Català of Finances approves a soft line of loans for investments in audiovisual production, a line of credit for the investment in audiovisual production, and applies so much to film feature films, short films, documentary, series of television, tv movies and even al dubbing of television series.

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