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Country Focus: Spain

Spain 2005 - Galicia, Developing an animation industry


Galicia was the first Spanish autonomous region to design and approve an Audiovisual Law as the basic framework to promote audiovisual production in the region. Since the creation of the Fund, Galicia has multiplied in more than 8.5 times the endowment up to more than 4 millions euros for 2005.

The Call for projects are published yearly in the month of January through two different administrative regulations: the one destined to the support of project development and the production of feature films, TV movies, TV series, documentaries and multimedia productions and the other one destined to script development, new directors and innovative works (video and sound creation) .

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For project development and production 3.977.313 euros have been consigned and for script development, new directors and innovative works an amount of 200.000 euros is reserved. Support takes the form of non refundable grants with the limit of 30% of the development or production costs except for the production of feature films where the percentage descends to 25%.

To opt to Galician supports producers must be legally constituted as such in any of the European member states and have a permanent agency in Galicia. Productions that contribute to promote the Galician cultural values or favour the development of the sector in Galicia whether by utilizing technical, artistic, personnel, Galician services or by shooting in Galicia are favourably considered. The deposit of the production must always be made in Galician language.

Last 2004 a total of 3,64 millions euros were spent in film support 2,72 millions were destined to the production of 36 projects of which 15 were feature films and 3 feature films of animation, and 0,90 millions to the development of other 40.

Besides this support the Consorcio Audiovisual de Galicia unites the interests of the different administrations and has recently participated in the creation of the co production Fund “Raíces” (Roots) up to 150.000 euros of a total of 450.000 euros along with the Catalonian ICIC and Argentinean INCAA (Instituto Nacional de Cine y de Artes Audiovisuales) to promote the co productions and the exchange among participating regions.

The audiovisual policy has had quite a structuring effect among the animation regional industry and that supported productions such as The Living Forest (Dygra Film, 2001) 509.132 admissions in 2001 The Cid: the Legend [+see also:
film profile
(Castelao Productions, 2003) with 551.767 admissions in 2003. These films have been true milestones of the production of animation in Spain and in Europe.

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