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Industry – UK/Ireland/Denmark

Country Focus: Ireland

Creative England, Danish Film Institute and Irish Film Institute launch TalentX


- International forum for industry professionals to be held in Amsterdam

Creative England, Danish Film Institute and Irish Film Institute launch TalentX
The EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam

TalentX, an international forum designed for industry professionals working in film talent development from across the EU and beyond, will be held at the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam from 18-20 March 2015. TalentX is going to be an annual event and will be hosted by Creative England in partnership with the Danish Film Institute and the Irish Film Board, and supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme. During the event, talent developers from studios and commercial companies as well as state funding agencies and organisations like film schools, working with new and emerging talent, will focus on the challenges and opportunities facing talent development.

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Chris Moll, Head of Film at Creative England said, “Getting creative people onto the path that works for them in developing their careers is vital, however, that is only the beginning – ensuring new and emerging talent can thrive, making second, third and more projects that successfully connect with audiences is the endgame and sharing experiences on how we can do that more consistently is what this forum is all about.”

Prami Larsen, Head of Film at the Danish Film Institute said, “It is about time to start ventures aiming at strengthening European talent development by sharing best practice for the benefit of European film culture.”

Keith Potter, Project Manager at the Irish Film Board said, “I think it's a great opportunity for us to listen to the writers, directors and producers who have been through the talent development process, to identify what worked for them - and what didn't.”

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