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IFFR 2022 - IFFR Pro

Country Focus: The Netherlands

IFFR’s CineMart is all set for its 39th edition


- The important Dutch co-production market will welcome 28 projects from around the globe, including five immersive experiences

IFFR’s CineMart is all set for its 39th edition
Croatian filmmaker Judita Gamulin, at CineMart with Leave the Door Open

A total of 28 film projects will be presented at the upcoming 39th edition of CineMart, which is due to run entirely online from 30 January to 2 February, as part of the IFFR Pro Days during the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Among the selected projects are romances, dark comedies, adventures and incisive human and social stories from countries including Brazil, Croatia, Japan and South Africa.

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Among the selected projects, Croatian director Judita Gamulin with Leave the Door Open has a take on human relations set entirely inside a popular international furniture store, which she is also developing as part of the Residence of the Cinéfondation at Cannes. Japanese director Fukada Koji is selected with his latest project Love on Trial which examines the meeting of Japanese idol culture with the judicial system. Brazilian actress Grace Passô brings her directorial debut Deaf Love 1500, a vivid ensemble film set in a decaying family home, while Georgian filmmaker Elene Naveriani in Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry [+see also:
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, tells the story of a woman’s personal revolution in small town Georgia.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Festival du nouveau cinéma Montréal (FNC) and the Immersive Funding Market at VRDays Europe, five immersive projects will be presented at CineMart 2022. Finally, seven projects are included in the BoostNL programme, in its sixth edition, a tailor-made professional programme created in collaboration between the Netherlands Film Festival’s Holland Film Meeting and IFFR Pro, welcoming projects from the Netherlands, Bolivia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

Here is the complete list of projects selected for CineMart 2022:

The Beautiful Normal - Flora Lau (Hong Kong)
Production company: Neon Beam Films

Black Dust - Kit Hui (UK)
Production company: Poisson Rouge Pictures

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry [+see also:
film review
interview: Elene Naveriani
film profile
- Elene Naveriani (Switzerland/Georgia/Germany)
Production company: Alva Film

Carissa - Jason Jacobs, Devon Delmar (South Africa/Netherlands)
Production companies: Na Aap Productions, Kate Schalk

Deaf Love 1500 - Grace Passô (Brazil)
Production companies: Desvia Produções, EntreFIlme

Leave the Door Open - Judita Gamulin (Croatia)
Production company: Eclectica

Life Ahead - Olivier Meys (Belgium/France)
Production company: Michigan Films

Love #NoFilter - Mikael Bundsen (Sweden)
Production company: Kjellson & Wik

Love on Trial - Koji Fukada (Japan/France)
Production companies: knockonwood Inc., Survivance

Mother of Gold - Madiano Marcheti (Brazil)
Production company: Terceira Margem, Multiverso Produções

The Outside - Víctor Moreno (Spain)
Production company: Kino Pravda

Prince Aden - Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio (Italy)
Production company: La Sarraz Pictures

Solo tengo sed - Matt Porterfield (Mexico)
Production company: KINTSUGI CINE

Sorella di Clausura - Ivana Mladenovic (Serbia/Romania)
Production company: microFILM

Three Black Nights - Théo Court (Chile/Spain)
Production company: Quijote Films

The Yellow Dot - David Tancred Lammers (Netherlands)
Production company: Pupkin


Alternates (Bergantian) - Jonathan Hagard (Indonesia/Japan/Germany)
Production company: CinemaLeap Inc.

Confident - Jérôme Blanquet, Bertrand Jeandel (France)
Production companies: Maneki Films, Wise Bird

Duchampiana VR - Lilian Hess (France)
Production company: Tchikiboum

Echo Blast - Natalia Cabrera (Chile)
Production company: Nanai Studio

Future Rites - Sandra Rodriguez, Alexander Whitley (Canada/UK)
Production companies: Normal Studio, Voulez-Vous - Creative Reality


Becoming Dubois - Joost van Hezik (The Netherlands)
Producers: Layla Meijman, Maarten van der Ven (Studio Ruba)

A Chronicle From Nagorno-Karabakh - Ibrahim Karatay, Janneke Pol (The Netherlands/Turkey)
Producers: Ibrahim Karatay (Alchemic Film), Ilja Roomans (Docmakers), Soner Alper (Nar Film)

Flat Girls - Jirassaya Wongsutin (Thailand/Singapore)
Producers: Pom Bunsermvicha, Noorahaya Lahtee (Vertical Films)

Lost Songs From Distant Realms - Kiro Russo (Bolivia/France)
Producers: Kiro Russo (Socavón), Alexa Rivero (Altamar Films)

Nightsong - Maya Da-Rin (Brazil/France)
Producers: Maya Da-Rin, Sabrina Garcia (Tamanduá Vermelho), Juliette Lepoutre (Still Moving)

The Right Answer - Mariia Ponomarova (The Netherlands)
Producer: Noortje Wilschut (Family Affair Films)

A Winner Is Seen At The Start - Zhannat Alshanova (Kazakhstan, France)
Producers: Yevgeniya Moreva (Accidental Films), Jean-Laurent Csinidis (Films de Force Majeure)

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