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Series Mania 2022 - Series Mania Forum

Country Focus: Slovenia

Upcoming Balkan series presented at Series Mania


- The five new shows from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia feature talent including Dalibor Matanić, Danis Tanović, Aida Begić, Sonja Prosenc and Goran Šušljik

Upcoming Balkan series presented at Series Mania
Maša Marković, from Sarajevo CineLink, introducing the Balkan showcase

Last week, at the Series Mania Forum, during an event called “Coming Next from the Balkans”, the Sarajevo Film Festival's CineLink Drama section showcased five upcoming Balkan series: two from Serbia, and one each from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

Croatian producer Nebojša Taraba, of Drugi plan, presented The Silence [+see also:
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, a co-production with Germany's Beta Film, Russia's Star Media and Ukraine's OLL:TV. Based on the trilogy of novels by investigative journalist Drago Hedl, the 6 x 50-minute mini-series uncovers a chain of underage prostitution that extends from Ukraine to Croatia. Written by Marjan Alčevski, directed by Dalibor Matanić and featuring actors Goran Bogdan and Leon Lučev, as well as Ukrainian star Kseniya Mishina, the show has already screened in Croatia and Ukraine, and has been sold to ZDF/Arte, where it will air in April.

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Ivana Miković, of Serbia's Firefly Productions, introduced seasons 2 and 3 of the crime show The Clan, set to come out in spring and autumn 2022, respectively. It was created and written by Boban Skerlić. The show follows two petty thieves struggling to make ends meet, who get pulled into Belgrade’s criminal underworld by chance and slowly start climbing the ranks while becoming ruthless and powerful leaders of the criminal empire, with the power to change history.

Amra Bakšić Čamo, of Bosnia's SCCA/, and Muamer Hadžović, of broadcaster BH Telecom, brought along The Hollow, a 5 x 50-minute series due to premiere in September 2022. It was created and co-written by Čamo, Nikola Kuprešanin, Adnan Lugonić and Oscar winner Danis Tanović, who also co-directs along with Aida Begić. The crime show follows a solitary police inspector who, after a body is discovered at the national museum, dives deep into today's Sarajevo to find a missing Sephardic text dating from the 14th century, and to prove to himself that the city he once loved and never found the strength to leave still exists.

United Media presented Time of Evil, a two-season, 15 x 55-minute historical war drama series based on a trilogy of historical novels by Serbian author Dobrica Ćosić. It was created by actor Goran Šušljik, co-written by Sanja Savić Milosavljević and Djordje Milosavljević, and directed by Ivan Živković. In addition to Šušljik, it stars Žarko Laušević, Nina Janković, Dragan Mićanović and Nikola Rakočević.The first season is set to premiere in autumn 2023, and the second a year later.

Finally, from Slovenia, director Sonja Prosenc introduced Trigrad, a 6 x 50-minute mystery-drama co-written by herself, Gregor Fon and Nina Zupančič. Produced by the Sever and Sever production company for national broadcaster RTV Slovenia, it tells the story of a foreigner who arrives in an isolated village in the idyllic Alps as a new owner of the “forbidden part” of the forest. Here, business interests and greed clash with ancient beliefs in the sanctity of the forest. Trigrad is set to premiere in May 2022.

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