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Industry Report: Financing

After Bellflower, Coatwolf Productions start their second film


- The new genius of american indie cinema is using crowd-funding to finance their second film Chuck Hank and The San Diego Twins.

The new genius of american indie cinema is using crowdfunding to finance their second film Chuck Hank and The San Diego Twins.

What happened to the movie Bellflower is the dream story that every young director trying to make his debut is hoping for. This film was created from scratch and gathers in total a budget of only $17,000 and yields at the end $168,226 at the box-office.

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This started with the same old story of friends gathered by their passion for cinema. The leaders of this pack are scriptwriter, director, producer, editor Evan Glodell and editor- composer of the film's soundtrack Jonathan Keevil. They don't have money and they don't know anybody important but even so they found together the Coatwolf Productions.

They decide then to start making a first film. Fortunately for them they're quite resourceful. They succeed in building their own camera which will shoot all of the movie Bellflower. The final product ready, Glodell and the others show it to some professionals who explain to them how they have to change it to make it more commercial. But the members of Coatwolf Productions are stubborn and decide not to submit. Suddenly the unexpected happened, Bellflower is selected for the 2011 Sundance Festival. From that moment on, it is nothing but a success story for the Coatwolf Productions team. Their film is exported and screened all over the world and received the critics it deserves.

Coatwolf Productions are henceforth well-known and their success embark them on the production of their second film. The composer of Bellflower, Jonathan Keevil, is this time around the director but the team stays of course the same. The movie Chuck Hank and The San Diego Twins tells the story of a raging territory war in the city of Oldtown. Two sides confront one another: a bloodthirsty gang of misfits called the Syndicate and the San Diego Family, twin brothers and their sister, the last survivors of a bloodline that stretches back for generations. Influenced by action movies from the eighties and video games, this film promises even more violence and more shocking stylized shots than Bellflower.

This is the reason why Coatwolf Productions decided to use crowdfunding. In a promo video they explain what they're planning to do with the money: special effects, motorcycle stunts, explosions... But now that they are quite popular, why do they need that sort of financing to make their film? They could take advantage of what Hollywood can offer. However they decided differently. They explain that by working like they do, they want to show that there are other ways of making a movie. They have the total artistic control of their film, no need to submit to the demands of the American cinema industry. Changing their ways could have broke the unique spirit which was Bellflower's signature. They want to have once again a film created, produced and made entirely and only by Coatwolf Productions. The sum of the financing they need adds up to $60,000. 

You can find all the information on the Coatwolf Productions website or directly on their crowd-funding page.

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