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Box Office - Serbia

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Radivoje Andrić's Dudes: Again! is the new box-office hit in Serbia


The sequel to the 20-year-old original film has scored the best opening of the year so far, with 32,333 admissions

Radivoje Andrić's Dudes: Again! is the new box-office hit in Serbia
Boris Milivojević, Miloš Milaković and Sergej Trifunović in Dudes: Again!

Serbian director Radivoje Andrić's Dudes: Again! has scored the best theatrical opening of the year at home, with 32,333 admissions and gross box-office takings of €144,437 (RSD 17 million).

The comedy is a sequel to the 20-year-old hit Dudes! (also known in international markets as Thunderbirds), one of the best-loved films in Serbia and a regional favourite that sold more than 570,000 tickets back in 2001. This was an era when local flicks ruled the box office, and Dudes! was one of the few modern, urban-orientated releases among a majority of populistic period dramas and comedies.

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Dudes! told the story of a couple of friends, Pop and Mare, played by Sergej Trifunović and Boris Milivojević, cynical stoners who lived with their parents, without girlfriends or jobs, and with no interest in getting one in the country ravaged by war and economic sanctions. Their attempt to become music stars was stymied by a local producer and criminal, Gojko Sisa (Nikola Djuričko).

Twenty years ladter, in Dudes: Again!, Pop and Mare are still in more or less the same situation, except that the latter is a bit more active, delivering shisha for teenagers in night clubs. Meanwhile, Gojko has moved to Vienna and is a trendsetter in the now popular rap/trap genre. Pop and Mare learn that Gojko has sampled their old recording in a new song, and they head to Vienna to stop him and retrieve their old tape. On the bus, they meet a bunch of secondary-school kids going to Austria to take part in the Chemistry Olympics, and Gojko, who turns out to be just an employee of regional crime lord Miki Gas (Dragan Marinković Maca), uses their expertise to produce a new clubbing drug.

Dudes: Again! comes on the heels of two other local successes from the first quarter of 2023, the first of which, the 1990s war epic Storm by Miloš Radunović, opened in January with 26,671 admissions and ended its eight-week run in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia with 108,258 tickets sold and gross box-office takings of €429,223 (RSD 50 million).

A more surprising crowd-pleaser came from first-time director Luka Mihailović, whose gritty, black-and-white crime-drama Indigo Kristal opened on 8 March with 23,537 admissions, beating Scream VI, and is currently in third place in the charts, with gross box-office takings of €384,119 (RSD 45 million), behind Dudes: Again! and John Wick: Chapter 4.

Following 2022's How I Learned to Fly (see the news), Dudes: Again! is Andrić's second hit in two years. It was written by Srdja Andjelić and co-produced by Serbia's Yodi Movie Craftsmen and Romario, as well as Austria's Adria Film.

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