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Shooting Stars 2022

Cineuropa met up with the Shooting Stars, 10 of the most promising young actors from all over Europe selected by a jury of film industry professionals

Shooting Stars 2022
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13 articles available in total starting from 25/11/2021. Last article published on 23/02/2022.

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Gracija Filipovic  • Actress

Interview: Gracija Filipovic • Actress

"At first I was terrified, but then I realised this is a great chance to gain experience"

BERLINALE 2022: The Croatian actress, who starred in this year's Caméra d'Or winner Murina, tells us more about her career, which is clearly only just getting started  

23/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

João Nunes Monteiro  • Actor

Interview: João Nunes Monteiro • Actor

"Working internationally will create more chances for me to get into good projects"

BERLINALE 2022: The Portuguese actor talks about how he prepared for his role in Mosquito, his most acclaimed one so far, and working with local and international directors  

23/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Clare Dunne • Actress

Interview: Clare Dunne • Actress

"We need to write about human beings changing themselves in terms of how we have to change the planet"

BERLINALE 2022: The Irish actress, also a screenwriter, talks about acting and writing, the topics she is interested in... and maybe casting her fellow Shooting Stars in one of her stories  

22/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Marie Reuther • Actress

Interview: Marie Reuther • Actress

"I like movies that are a bit extreme, that soar above reality"

BERLINALE 2022: The Danish actress talks to us about how she started her career and the kind of cinema that drives her to keep working  

22/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Emilio Sakraya • Actor

Interview: Emilio Sakraya • Actor

"It’s so great to be part of the European cinematic landscape"

BERLINALE 2022: The German actor, who has recently finished shooting Fatih Akin's newest feature, Rheingold, talks about his career and what he expects from the future  

21/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Hanna Van Vliet • Actress

Interview: Hanna Van Vliet • Actress

"It’s important to see queer people represented on screen, there is a lot of work to be done in this direction"

BERLINALE 2022: The Dutch actress, who plays the lead role in the internationally acclaimed drama series Anne+ talks about key topics in today's industry and society  

21/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Anamaria Vartolomei  • Actress

Interview: Anamaria Vartolomei • Actress

"It is very pleasing to receive prizes, but you have to stay focused on the work in front of you, not the one behind you"

BERLINALE 2022: The French actress discusses her career, who began at the tender age of 11 opposite Isabelle Huppert, and is now riding a wave of success thanks to Happening  

18/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Timon Sturbej  • Actor

Interview: Timon Sturbej • Actor

"In front of a camera you can work more on your character than in theatre"

BERLINALE 2022: The Slovenian actor talks about his career, which started in the theatre acting, and about the talents he would love to work with  

18/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Evin Ahmad  • Actress

Interview: Evin Ahmad • Actress

"I would like to play in a political drama thriller, I find them so interesting"

BERLINALE 2022: The Swedish-Kurdish actress, set to star in the second season of the Swedish Netflix Original series Snabba Cash, discusses acting in film and theatre, and literature  

18/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

Souheila Yacoub  • Actress

Interview: Souheila Yacoub • Actress

"Normally I like to hide myself behind the character but in The Braves it was really my nature"

BERLINALE 2022: The Geneva-born actress talks about her career and her approach to acting, as well as her participation in the recent film The Braves  

17/02 | Shooting Stars 2022

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