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by Marie Polednáková


Helena Altmanová is an amicable high school teacher of French and literature. She handles tricky situations with students as well as unforeseen moments in her personal life with a cool head. And her extended family provides plenty of opportunities. Between co-existing in the same household with her ex-husband, successful novelist Karel, her widowed sister Krystina's problems, her son Adam's marital troubles, and her elderly mother Alzbeta's golden-year love affair - Helena is so busy that she feels there's no time left for herself or her own emotions. And despite all that, one day the thing that usually comes when we have already given up on our dreams actually does come. Under unhappy circumstances Helena meets paramedic Frantisek. And she totally normally falls head over heels in love!

international title: You Kiss Like God
original title: Líbás jako buh
country: Czech Republic
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Marie Polednáková
film run: 110'
release date: CZ 12/02/2009, SK 26/03/2009
screenplay: Marie Polednáková
cast: Kamila Magálová, Jiří Bartoška, Eva Holubová, Oldřich Kaiser, Nella Boudová, Roman Vojtek, Martha Issová, Jaroslava Adamová, Arnošt Lustig
cinematography by: Martin Duba
film editing: Adam Dvorak
art director: Martin Vackar
costumes designer: Vera Kocová
music: Petr Malásek
producer: Jan Bradác, Svatka Peschková
production: Falcon
distributor: Falcon, ITA Film
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