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by Sergiu Nicolaescu


After hard years of political prison, the former Commissar steps into an international illegal circuit that organizes Russian roulette gambling for an elite fond of extreme shows. In the late 70’s, faith brings him to a town in central Europe, where the evil Goldberg, an old acquaintance, is the owner of an “improved” form of this game: the so-called crossed Russian roulette, where two opponents are shooting at each other. The show’s climax is the confrontation between Moldovan and his former friend Cristian Vasile, both veterans of this ruthless game. The commissary gradually meets many familiar faces – friends, but also enemies. In fact, the entire underworld that ruled the Bucharest in the 40’s has moved in this city.

international title: The Survivor
original title: Supravietuitorul
country: Romania
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Sergiu Nicolaescu
release date: RO 11/04/2008
screenplay: Sergiu Nicolaescu, Adina Mutar
cast: Sergiu Nicolaescu, Jean Constantin, George Mihăiţă, Vladimir Găitan, Ileana Lazariuc, Ion Dichiseanu, Lucian Viziru
cinematography by: Viorel Sergovici
art director: Radu Corciova
music: Petru Margineanu
producer: Andrei Boncea
production: MediaPro Pictures
distributor: MediaPro Distribution
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