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by Alejandro Fernández Almendras


On a long day at the end of summer, four members of a southern Chilean peasant family struggle to adapt to the changing world in which they live in, a world where a video game or a new dress can be as precious as a liter of milk or a glass of wine. A new, global world where boundaries between tradition and modernity are fading and values are quickly changing.

international title: Huacho
original title: Huacho
country: Chile, France, Germany
sales agent: Playtime
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Alejandro Fernández Almendras
film run: 89'
release date: FR 09/12/2009
screenplay: Alejandro Fernández Almendras
cast: Clemira Aguayo, Alejandra Yañez, Cornelio Villagrán, Manuel Hernández
cinematography by: Inti Briones
film editing: Sébastien de Sainte Croix
art director: Beatriz Carrillo
production: Charivari Films, ARTE France Cinéma, Pandora Filmproduktion, Jirafa Films (CL)
backing: Arte/ZDF
distributor: Sophie Dulac Distribution, Kairos Film
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