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by Aizpea Goenaga


At a cookery school, six last-year chef-to-be students cry their eyes out (over chopped onions). The teacher tries to make something of this lazy bunch, not particularly interested in learning the culinary culture. But the desperate instructor also has to discover the source of the nauseating smell in the kitchen.

original title: Secretos de cocina (Sukalde Kontuak)
country: Spain
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Aizpea Goenaga
release date: ES 08/05/2009
screenplay: Aizpea Goenaga
cast: Isidoro Fernández, Bárbara Goenaga, Mikel Losada, Galder Pérez, Aitziber Garmendia, Roberto Alonso, Lander Otaola, Ane Ganarain, Lilliam Kourí
cinematography by: Javi Aguirre
film editing: Guillermo Maldonado
art director: Ion Arretxe
costumes designer: Josune Lasa
music: Álvaro Fernández Gaviria
producer: Juan Luis Ezkurra
production: Zurriola Entertainment
distributor: Barton Films
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