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by Lukasz Kasprzykowski


Jan Zawada is a well educated doctor who lives in a state of well-being and comfort. He has a wife Monika, son Maciek, a lovely house near the woods, and a job he hates. Monika, a confident and brave woman, has a career in a big company and spends all her time at work. She and her husband don't even talk to each other. Meanwhile, Janusz, Jan's brother and a psychiatrist, lives next door with his wife Anna and envies everything Jan and Monika possess. Jan realizes that the life he leads makes him very unhappy and decides to do something about it. One day Monika comes home and finds a video cassette. She learns about Jan’s decision, which sets off a series of amazing and funny events, leading to an unexpected and surprising end.

international title: Jan From The Tree
original title: Jan z drzewa
country: Poland
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Lukasz Kasprzykowski
film run: 91'
screenplay: Lukasz Kasprzykowski
cast: Bogdan Suszka, Dorota Kielkowicz, Maria Bujas-Lukaszewska, Marcel Szytenchelm, Ewa Szykulska, Artur Dziurman
cinematography by: Witold Szulc
film editing: Witold Szulc, Lukasz Kasprzykowski
music: Dominik Kwaśniewski
producer: Lukasz Kasprzykowski
production: Studio ADM Filmowe, Movies Pictures Studio
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