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by Lenka Hellstedt


The story of Ida, a woman who was adopted to Finland from Africa as a child. Ida is an unemployed seamstress approaching her thirties and still lives at home with her activist mother Kati. Kati wants to fix her daughter´s life and offers her a job at her work. Encouraged by her new friend Ville, Ida, however, sets out for Berlin in order to find a job and to prove to her mother that she can manage on her own. Meanwhile, Kati has been told that she is seriously ill, but she does not want to mention it to Ida in fear of standing in the way of her daughter´s struggle for independence. Ida wants to have a life of her own, but what will she have left at the end of the day?

international title: Overseas and Under Your Skin
original title: Maata meren alla
country: Finland, Germany
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Lenka Hellstedt
release date: FI 23/01/2009
screenplay: Lenka Hellstedt
cast: Amira Khalifa, Matti Ristinen, Marja Packalén, Leena Uotila, Jarkko Niemi, Annika Ernst, Ismail Sahin
cinematography by: Mark Stubbs
film editing: Kimmo Taavila
art director: Saara Joro
costumes designer: Titta Kettunen
producer: Mika Ritalahti, Niko Ritalahti, Roshanak Behesht Nedjad
production: Silva Mysterium Oy, Flying Moon Filmproduktion
distributor: Sandrew Metronome Distribution Finland Oy Ab
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