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by Margaret Corkery


Little Eamon still loves sleeping in bed with his mother Grace, something his father, Grace’s boyfriend Daniel, doesn’t much appreciate. He just feels left out and frustrated by Grace’s lack of interest. Eamon basks in his mother’s favor, which abruptly ends when the family is forced, during Eamon’s school vacation, to spend a week at the rugged Irish coast. There, Grace spends whole days on the beach basking in the sun, ogling a tanned and muscular surfer, and feeling that her boys are just in the way...

international title: Eamon
original title: Eamon
country: Ireland
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Margaret Corkery
screenplay: Margaret Corkery
cast: Robert Donnelly, Amy Kirwan, Darren Healy
cinematography by: David Grennan
film editing: Mairead McIvor
art director: Paki Smith
music: Colin J. Morris, Miriam Ingram
producer: Seamus Byrne
production: Zanita Films
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