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by Christoph Schaub


Giulia is about to celebrate her fiftieth birthday. About to hit the dreaded milestone, she feels as if she had become invisible to others and was losing her sense of self. On the bus, she observes the other passengers, who completely ignore her. To postpone her appearance at the party, she accepts an invitation to go for a drink with a man she’s just met

international title: Julia's Disappearance
original title: Giulias Verschwinden
country: Switzerland
sales agent: T&C Edition
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Christoph Schaub
release date: CH 08/10/2009
screenplay: Martin Suter
cast: Corinna Harfouch, Bruno Ganz, Stefan Kurt, André Jung, Sunnyi Melles, Daniel Rohr, Teresa Harder, Max Herbrechter, Christine Schorn, Renate Becker
cinematography by: Filip Zumbrunn
film editing: Marina Wernli
art director: Susanne Jauch
costumes designer: Dorothee Schmid
music: Balz Bachmann
producer: Marcel Hoehn
production: T&C Film AG, SRG SSR, Teleclub AG
distributor: Columbus Film
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